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    Office Location

    1 South Western Avenue

    Glens Falls, NY 12801

    Hours by Appointment.


    Contact Information

    Office: (518) 745-5280

    Fax: (518) 745-5284

    Blue Ribbon Comments

    Dr. Verral has received eight blue ribbon awards from Glens Falls Hospital for exceeding expectations in his commitment to excellence. Below are a few of the patient comments he has received.

    • I am writing this e-mail to thank you for helping me with my skin problems. You're a very nice doctor and I appreciate your services. I've had skin problems for years and you were the only doctor to actually prescribe me something that works!!!! Again, thanks and hopefully I WON'T see you soon (because that just means my skin is suffering!) -MN
    • Happy New Year! It is a happy new year for me thanks to you. You definitely know what you are doing, and not only that but you also have a great positive attitude and wonderful beside manner. I am so grateful that you came to this area. Thanks Doc, you can be sure I shall recommend you highly. -ST
    • Thank you for the excellent care you, and your nursing staff, have provided for me. It's wonderful to see a normal nose! -SJ
    • Prompt, corteous, explains everything, great staff and convenient hours. -KD
    • Dr. Verral is a professional, understanding doctor. I had treatment with him over a 6 month period never once did he wane from his service or personable empathetic demeanor. Just great. I recommend him to everyone! -BF
    • Excellent manner with patients. Very competent doctor. Excellent patient care. Also office neat and staff great. -PW
    • Dr. Verral is caring and very knowledgable in his field. He is always cheerful and patient. I recommend him to everyone I know. -SS
    • Dr. Verral is thorough, with a very gentle manner and a lovely personality. Refreshing!!! -MF
    • Dr. Verral is sucha welcome addition to Glens Falls. Brains and an awesome bedside manner-doesn't get any better than that!! -CA
    • Dr. Verral is very personable, professionable and doesn't treat unless necessary. He runs a very efficient office. He is a great addition to the Glens Falls area. -AB

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